Water Loss Management

Water loss management is integral to a well-managed water supply system

Basic principles such as pipe mapping, leak detection, flow monitoring and management are essential for a commercial enterprise.

Knowledge and analysis of water systems and pipe systems can be hugely beneficial and can save on repair costs longer term.

At The Leak Detective, we employ various techniques including the application of Data Loggers, use of modern leak detection equipment, and experienced technicians to ensure the best possible management of your water systems.

Water Loss Management
Water Leak Flooding

“Good water management and maintenance is infinitely preferable to an unplanned emergency.”


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A data logger is an electronic device that can be attached to water meters and pipes to record and track water usage 24/7. This data can then be transmitted to remote locations for monitoring and analysis.

Graphs and numbers can be produced accurately showing peaks and troughs in demand.

When this is laid against the time of day it can be very useful in identifying potential and costly water leaks.

Data loggers can be fitted to around two-thirds of all Scottish Water meters and need to be installed by a registered and licensed provider. Once you have the relevant data and results, it becomes easier to develop a suitable and robust water management plan.

“Data loggers can be fitted to around two-thirds of all Scottish Water meters and need to be installed by a registered and licensed provider.”

Leak Detection

Leak Detection is an important part of any Water Loss Management plan, and The Leak Detective have real expertise and experience in the process of leak surveys and pipe / drainage repairs.

We have invested heavily in what we believe is the very best of equipment to make sure we are never found wanting when it comes to technology, including Tracer Reels, Tracer Gas, Utility Trackers and more.

Waste Water Management

It’s important to know and understand your sewage water system is operating efficiently and effectively.

There are few other distresses to businesses and property owners than a defective sewage system.

A relatively modest investment in drainage cctv survey and assessment of valves and chambers can be money well spent.

Ground Water Management

The basic principle that water flows downhill is easy to accept and understand.

Stopping this water from affecting your property and grounds by guiding it safely away is a little trickier.

A well planned drainage system properly maintained will almost always solve this problem and should always form part of a water management plan.

Going the extra mile for customers

Help with Insurance Companies

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of clients who have insurance cover for ‘Trace & Access’.This cover will usually pay for water leak detection companies to locate your water leak.

The Leak Detective is very aware of the limitations and scope of Trace & Access cover and will advise and guide you through the process to try and make sure your claim is covered.

Upon completion we will provide you with a written report including photos and video which can be presented to your insurer to validate your claim.

We have completed thousands of insurance claim leak detection jobs and are happy to offer free telephone advice from the outset to assist with the claim process.

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- I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.
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- A first class job and no complaints. Thanks again.
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