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As a leak detection specialist company we use the best leak detection equipment available on the market today.  Each vehicle carries this equipment and our experienced technicians will assess the situation and choose which method will be the most suitable to locate the leak as quickly and accurately as possible.
Some of the equipment we use includes:

(These are videos filmed for our Water Loss Solutions parent company which operates out of Scotland the process and technology are the same in both companies)

Acoustic Listening & Correlation

Using incredibly sensitive microphones it’s possible to listen to pipes which ‘carry’ the noise of escaping water. By filtering out background noises it is possible to localise the noisiest part of a pipe system indicating the location of the leak.

Utility Trackers & Tracer Reels

We have purchased one of the very best tracer reels and pipe locators in the market, made by Sewerin the Utilitrack can operate at numerous frequencies, using the filter technology we can accurately track a pipe and be confident we aren’t tracking other utilities such as cables and drains.

Borescope Cameras

These are particularly useful for getting into tight corners to inspect pipes hidden behind pipe boxes, under floors, under shower trays and baths etc. They require a small hole to gain access.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared thermography is the science used to detect changes in surface temperatures. They make the invisible visible and are particularly good at locating leaks in underfloor heating systems and hot pipes buried with concrete slabs.

Tracer Gas

This is used to introduce an inert gas to the water pipe system, having drained down the system first. The molecular size of the Hydrogen and Nitrogen mix is far smaller than water, this means if water can escape then the gas can also escape.


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Help with Insurance Companies

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of clients who have insurance cover for ‘Trace & Access’.This cover will usually pay for water leak detection companies to locate your water leak.

The Leak Detective is very aware of the limitations and scope of Trace & Access cover and will advise and guide you through the process to try and make sure your claim is covered.

Upon completion we will provide you with a written report including photos and video which can be presented to your insurer to validate your claim.

We have completed thousands of insurance claim leak detection jobs and are happy to offer free telephone advice from the outset to assist with the claim process.

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Could not fault the company in anyway, from start to finish they made the process stress free. The team who attended were amazing and really can't thank them enough. Would…
- From start to finish they made the process stress free
I had water loss solutions out to locate a leak in my flat as part of an insurance claim. They were the second company to attend after the first were…
- Water loss solutions were out for less than two hours and located two separate leaks, amazing!!!
I cannot praise Nick enough for the work he did on my property. His professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.
- I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.
I had almost lost hope of sorting the damp problem in my guest room. Lots of failed attempts with various companies, lots of sleepless nights. After some research, I found…
- Friendly staff, reliable service and not too pricey either. Could not recommend them enough!
Thanks to Lorraine in the office and Nick the Engineer who attended the property. Both very polite and very knowledgeable. The pinhole leak in the underfloor CH pipe was found…
- I would not hesitate in recommending WLS.
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