Domestic Property Leak Detection

Leak Detection in Domestic Properties

Leak Detection in domestic properties can be tricky. Often there are tell-tale water stains on ceilings or walls that can help locate the water loss problem, but not always. As a leak detection specialist company we have both the experience and the equipment to help detect water leaks in your domestic property, with the minimum of fuss.

Bathroom and shower leaks

Showers and bathrooms are the biggest cause of water leaks in domestic properties, with poorly fitted shower trays and degraded silicon seals and grout often being the cause.

A common problem with many modern bathrooms is the recent tendency to have the walls and floor fully tiled. This makes access and investigation extremely difficult, particularly when trying to minimise damage, unless the correct leak detection equipment is used.

Central Heating and Under Floor Water Leaks

In the absence of any visible signs of an underfloor water leak, the first indication you have a water leak is often a loss of pressure on your boiler. Trying to locate the exact position of under floor water leaks requires a combination of expertise and the right equipment.

We use a variety of equipment to locate these leaks under the floor, with our focus being to be as non-invasive as possible to minimise costs and damage.

“A common problem with many modern bathrooms is the recent tendency to have the walls and floor fully tiled, making investigative access more difficult.”

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We have a team of engineers across the United Kingdom that can help find and fix your domestic and commercial leaks.

Underground Water Leak Detection

If you have a water meter fitted or your Water Authority has said you have a water leak on your underground supply pipe then you could easily be losing thousands of litres of water a day without knowing it.

The potential damage from underground water leaks, to the domestic property foundations and footings, are high. Land slump can also be an outcome. In many domestic properties, core supply pipes are located under tarmac driveways, mono-block drives, grass gardens etc, making access to detect the water leak challenging.

Our domestic leak detection equipment allows us to investigate and find underground water leaks, regardless of what’s above it, without the need for diggers and multiple holes.

“Our domestic leak detection equipment allows us to investigate and find underground water leaks without the need for diggers and multiple holes.”

Going the extra mile for customers

Help with Insurance Companies

Much of our work is carried out on behalf of clients who have insurance cover for ‘Trace & Access’.This cover will usually pay for water leak detection companies to locate your water leak.

The Leak Detective is very aware of the limitations and scope of Trace & Access cover and will advise and guide you through the process to try and make sure your claim is covered.

Upon completion we will provide you with a written report including photos and video which can be presented to your insurer to validate your claim.

We have completed thousands of insurance claim leak detection jobs and are happy to offer free telephone advice from the outset to assist with the claim process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The repair cost can be minimal, around £60 is typical. Finding the source of the leak is more costly as it requires a better quality of plumber and equipment.

This can be done by use of acoustic listening or tracer gas. It’s more accurate than randomly lifting floorboards and could save money overall.

If the leak is within a single dwelling or flat then it’s usually the responsibility of the owner. If it’s a communal pipe then the property manager would take the responsibility to arrange the repairs, the cost of which is put onto the communal maintenance charge.

Acoustic listening of tracer gas is usually the best option. Infrared cameras can also be helpful, particularly if it’s a leak on a hot pipe.

A loss of pressure on your boiler can indicate a water leak under your floorboards. Other tell-tale signs can be the emergence of damp stains or mould on walls at low level. It’s also possible to hear a leak, if it’s at high enough pressure.

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Could not fault the company in anyway, from start to finish they made the process stress free. The team who attended were amazing and really can't thank them enough. Would…
- From start to finish they made the process stress free
The Leak Detective highly recommend. Found a leak on my central heating system, new boiler was losing pressure every day it was a hard to find leak but engineer persevered…
- The Leak Detective highly recommend
I had almost lost hope of sorting the damp problem in my guest room. Lots of failed attempts with various companies, lots of sleepless nights. After some research, I found…
- Friendly staff, reliable service and not too pricey either. Could not recommend them enough!
Highly recommend. Very professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled. From start to finish a very good understanding of our needs. Found and repaired a mains leak under driveway. Very happy with…
- Highly recommend. Very professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled.
I had water loss solutions out to locate a leak in my flat as part of an insurance claim. They were the second company to attend after the first were…
- Water loss solutions were out for less than two hours and located two separate leaks, amazing!!!
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