We offer a range of leak detection and water loss management services at Water Loss Solutions, from surveys and investigations at both commercial and domestic properties, to repairing, reporting and assisting with related insurance claims.

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Advances in technology have massively improved the accuracy of water leak detection.

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Commercial leak Detection

Commercial Properties

General plumbers and maintenance teams are not geared up for this type of work and can waste a lot of time.

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Domestic Leak Detection

Domestic Properties

At The Leak DetectiveTM we have the experience and equipment to help find water leaks with the minimum of fuss.

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We have a team of engineers across the North of England, Scotland and the Midlands that can help find and fix your domestic and commercial leaks.

Central Heating Leaks

It’s usually around September that we all start to turn on our heating systems, the colder nights quickly draw in and after 4-5 months of non-use we switch on the heating and instantly expect it to start working.

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Pipe Location

We have invested heavily in the latest pipe locating equipment to ensure we can track and trace pipework both indoors and outdoors, with minimal disruption.

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You can be part of a smart high-tech Industry

  • High growth, high margin sector
  • Proven Business Model
  • Considerable follow on revenue potential to bolt on to an existing business
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