Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic Leak Detection
Leak Detection 11th May

Leaking water pipes create a noise, this has been known and understood by plumbers for years. You will often see a plumber with a listening stick to his ear, listening for the sound of a water leak. The professional leak detection operator will have advanced acoustic technology to help listen and locate its precise location. Highly sensitive microphones are clamped onto the pipes, by using digital instrumentation to filter out background noises and to amplify the sound of the leak, it’s possible to hear the leak.

Acoustic Leak Detection

When you attach two such microphones to the ends of a pipe, the digital instrumentation can calculate the time taken for the noise to reach each receiver. The further away from the water leak, the longer the time it takes for the sound to travel. If you know the type of pipe material, length of pipe and internal diameters, the equipment can correlate (calculate) all the variables. It will then plot a graph showing the location of the water leak in meters from microphone A or B.



At Leak Detective we use the very best acoustic leak detection equipment from Sewerin in Germany which allows us to be confident we will find your water leak.

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